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We thrive on creating a space for micro businesses to practice and grow at our studio Textiles Hub London. We create physical spaces and management structures to really spur and nurture our members and residents while they work hard fulfilling their offers.

We understand fully how a brand’s story is the backbone of the founder’s story and how we can build on this to create masterful, full-bodied brands.

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PICTURED: unique flow silks at Yvette Kissi.

“Woman on Front Cover of Tate!”

Women always appear on the front cover of glossy magazines, right?  In the art world, not so much. So, we were delighted when we saw the latest Tate Etc magazine (Autumn 2018) cover image of a woman. Not only is this Anni Albers, the iconic twentieth century modernist artist, but Albers is actively working and creating a tapestry that combines her innovative modernist theory and semiotics with European history and Aztec formal traditions. You can read about these in our book, The Geometrics: Volume Two.

Thanks must surely go to Maria Balshaw, the first female director of the Tate, for doing this as we are near certain that it is her presence that has brought this Tate Etc first to life.

Let’s celebrate together with the Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation where we can ask whether Albers’ fame has endured over the years due to the legacy of the man she married.