Helping Children Design Their Own Fabrics

We’ve been busy teaching children how to create patterns for themselves so that they are fully equipped to create seamless patterned fabric for all kinds of products.

They start on paper then translate their visions in CAD and learn to apply these to different materials for endless product development and creative opportunities.

We incorporate the role of cross-cultural, historical design in the teaching process too so that the children may consider the role of creating heirloom products with long lifespans and enduring themes.

For information our future projects, please Contact Us.

Enabling New Stories

We’re always thrilled to see the crowds gather for our digital textiles and traditional textiles craft events!

If you’re looking for an unique experience to enhance your special event then we are poised to deliver the best hands-on craft event possible at any scale. By developing your clients’ skills and experience we enable new stories.

Browse some of our London events here from Crafts Council to the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We specialize in bespoke events that mirror and build upon your requirements and remit.

Feel free to drop us a line.

Making Classics Modern

We’ve been researching classic textile designs and their structures and ways to make them modern for ten years.

This process has brought hundreds of designers and artists together into the Slow Textiles Group family to form new relationships and develop their work for diverse textile applications and exciting new sustainability projects.

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We Host the Best Designers

We’re busy giving young designers the most affordable space in which to develop and nurture their practice. Our resident designers are not just any designers, they are the best in their field and are working hard at carving out their niche. We’ve got their backs 110%!

For further information on becoming one of our resident designers, please Contact Us.

Simple A-Line Pattern Stripes

We’re loving all the colour at Novis, New York. We spotted this stunning A-line skirt with four bold colour sections and think it’s a great idea for using some old fabrics that you might have stashed somewhere or might pick up from a local thrift store or textile recycler.

Bold brights are a must for a fresh, sunny look, right?