We Host the Best Designers

We’re busy giving young designers the most affordable space in which to develop and nurture their practice. Our resident designers are not just any designers, they are the best in their field and are working hard at carving out their niche. We’ve got their backs 110%!

For further information on becoming one of our resident designers, please Contact Us.

We’re in Camden!

We love having our studio hosted at Textiles Hub London, in the world famous London Borough of Camden, at Kingsgate Workshops Trust with all the wonderful, surrounding community, artists, artisans and brilliant Kingsgate Workshops Trust team!

Every year there are several open access events to celebrate all the artists in the building and surrounding area with exciting art and design events taking place.

For future dates, take a look at Open Studios Weekend.

Textiles Hub Creative Business Support

We support young creative businesses by creating the space and community to edify and grow business links, expertise and confidence. Our large, communal textiles studio enables the ideal springboard for fashion and textile start-ups to develop their voice and identity.

We design and manage Creative Business spaces for museums, brands and institutions in order to support and grow their own start-up cultures.

For further information, Contact Us.