The Studio’s Covid-19 Update

Our UK studio, Textiles Hub London, is open as usual for all our micro-businesses and textiles artist residents to work, one at a time, in the space.

We keep an in-house timetable in place to make sure that only one person is working in the main areas of the studio and benefitting from all the light, space and machinery, at any one time.

By practising all our government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing, orders that need to be fulfilled by our residents are underway. Where work can be carried out in private home studios, it is.

All our Slow Textiles Group events are now via video conferencing. Discover these here and if you have any special requests, just Contact Us.

In the picture is one of our resident natural dyers, Kylie Newton. Discover her work and Slow Textiles services here.

Teaching Textiles CAD with Collage

We find most CAD classes boring so we invented a new hybrid of design-jockeying CAD with collage!

We bring this unique approach to classrooms everywhere in order to shake things up and get students learning how to mix digital and analogue in a more exciting and instinctive way.

For future classroom dates, please Contact Us.

Enabling New Stories

We’re always thrilled to see the crowds gather for our digital textiles and traditional textiles craft events!

If you’re looking for an unique experience to enhance your special event then we are poised to deliver the best hands-on craft event possible at any scale. By developing your clients’ skills and experience we enable new stories.

Browse some of our London events here from Crafts Council to the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We specialize in bespoke events that mirror and build upon your requirements and remit.

Feel free to drop us a line.

Making Classics Modern

We’ve been researching classic textile designs and their structures and ways to make them modern for ten years.

This process has brought hundreds of designers and artists together into the Slow Textiles Group family to form new relationships and develop their work for diverse textile applications and exciting new sustainability projects.

For future meeting dates and info on how we can help you, please Contact Us.