We’re Putting On Great Shows!

We’re always busy collating our clients work and applying our research exclusively to their needs. In many cases, this leads to curated events and publications that bring ideas together and create new knowledge and standing for clients. Exhibitions of any size is a great way to do this!

For further details and opportunities with such projects, please Contact Us.

Colour, Pattern & Containment

Slowly but surely the international community is coming up to speed with the relationship between colour, pattern and containment with the new retrospective of Fahrelnissa Zeid coming soon to the Tate Modern in London, UK.

Slow Textiles Group members will be familiar with our CEO, Dr Emma Neuberg’s analysis of modernist abstraction in art and its relationship with psychology.  We have yet to read about this in other people’s publications but at least we can now live it in this exciting new exhibition! Message us if you’d like some seminars on the subject. TATE MODERN exhibition details here.