Learn to print silk and exhibit with the Slow Textiles Group in 2012!!

Silk print designed by Maria Genco, 2011.
Silk print designed by Pamela Schwartz, 2011.
These examples were created by the Born To Be Wild Group, a co-design group especially set up with the V&A Design & Interpretation Division and Slow Textiles Group members’ company, The People Print!
Book yourself a place on any of our afternoon HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS (for example, Organic Geometrics (code W25), 1920s Parisian Pochoir Designs (code W26) or Pop Art Geometrics (code W27)) and learn how to print your own silk (from just £40)!

Postmodernism (Digital) Style and Subversion

Jean-Paul Goude styles Grace Jones, front over of PHOTO, France, c.1981.

Slow Textiles and Make It Digital join forces to create 
The People’s Print
and we are delighted to announce that as such we will be attending the Postmodernism ball in celebration of our latest textile design course at the V&A, London.