Pattern, Textiles & Fashion on Film

Quentin Jones for Kenzo Pre-Fall 2012


You may have noticed that we embrace animation and film narratives as integral to contemporary textiles practice. This is because textiles manifest time and story-telling in their very DNA. Even digital code is textiles inasmuchas each pixel echoes the needlepoint stitch or punchcard hole in order to make the image whole.

Last year we showcased our resident textile animator Tania Grace Knuckey’s witty, subtle and evocative textile animations at our Slow Studio Cinema event. Knuckey says: “I have to put timelines into textiles to bring them alive!”

Have a look through London designer Quentin Jones’ amazing sequences and visit the Slow Studio on April 20th to see more of this inspirational and exciting genre!


Quentin Jones for Nowness 2012
Quentin Jones for Penhaligon 2012
Quentin Jones for Holly Fulton 2012

The Slow Textiles Group Print Room Cinema Tania Grace Knuckey Premiere!

TSTG just had a wonderful Textiles Talk from award-winning textiles animator, Tania Knuckey
in the Slow Studio’s Print Room Cinema!
Tania’s vision is to bring dynamism to textiles through film-making and animation.

This a small snippet of one of her many amazing textile films being screened at the Slow Studio Cinema yesterday! This was the first public ‘cinema’ viewing of her film collection and it was sensational!

The next Slow Studio Cinema showing is Dec 1st where you can see a collection of Textiles in Fast Fashion movies! Come, SEE!


The Slow Textiles Group spent a great weekend inspired by Liberty’s of London quilt-maker, Katherine May, teaching hands-on fabric geometrics.
Then, following STG director, Emma Neuberg’s instruction in how to convert these into digital animations, members of the Slow Textiles Group worked together on the first ever co-created virtual digital patchwork. Katherine May, Geraldine Peclard, Katie Faddy, Christina Darminin, Pennina Bartlett, Manda Clarke, Red Isaac, Veronica, Emma Neuberg, Susana Fernandez and Tania Knuckey thought they’d share this first incarnation of it with you here. This represents the first international virtual ‘patchwork’ animated and created internationally in an afternoon by top textile designers.
The workshop concluded with a series of textile animator, Tania Grace Knuckey’s  poetic, evocative and stunning textile animations in the Print Room Cinema! Much excitement, dialogue and future thinking was set in motion in anticipation of STG Geometrics Season: Symposium, Exhibition and Catalogue 2013.

Amazing Co-creation Workshop With Emma Neuberg, Katherine May and Tania Grace Knuckey on Nov 3rd!

Totem Blends, Emma Neuberg, 2012
Triangulated Patchwork, Katherine May, 2010.
Frame Sequence, Tania Grace Knuckey, 2012.
An amazing creative conversation opens up with the Slow Textiles Group on November 3rd at 2pm in the Slow Studio, West Hampstead, London, and internationally, online. 
The afternoon offers you a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn to combine patchwork making with digital animation and film for a new kind of connected conversation whilst hearing the artists speak.
Booking details here. Places flying!