We’re Proud to Present Alexandra Gerstein’s paper The Free Geometry of Omega Workshops Textiles, 1913-1919 at The Geometrics Symposium

Among many wonderful and inspiring papers being presented on Saturday 27th April 2013 from 2-8pm at The Geometrics Exhibition & Symposium is Alexandra Gerstein’s paper The Free Geometry of Omega Workshops Textiles, 1913-1919.

Book here and see you there! 

New Social Textiles – Interpsychic Effects Made Visible!

The Slow Textiles Group is delighted to announce the start of the first interpsychic, participatory textile design ever created. It began in situ at Kingsate Gallery London on 19th April 2013 at The Geometrics Opening Event!

Conceived by Geraldine Peclard and Dr Emma Neuberg it introduces group analytic language to textiles practice.

Come see the piece underway and make your mark on Saturday 27th April 2013 at THE GEOMETRICS SYMPOSIUM.

Further details here!