Call for International Researchers and Assistants!!

Textile Workers, 
silkscreen print, USSR, circa 1923,
reworked as an animated print by Emma Neuberg, 2011.

If you’re interested in becoming an assitant and or researcher with the Slow Textiles group, please sign up to our London 
October 15th 2011 meeting 
at 2.00pm (GMT+1) 
with webinar participation if you’re not in town!! 

To participate, email!

As part of our on-going research as an independent satellite of the academic research group Textiles Environment Design (TED), we develop themes that build upon the Top Ten Sustainable Textile Design Strategies to take these forward collaboratively into an open access space that can help individual designers, artist groups and makers, at any stage in their development, think about their practice, its meaning, context, offering and promise.

One of several areas that we are looking at is the reanimation of historical textiles as a route to “Dematerialisation” (TED’s Top Ten Design Strategy #9), reinterpretation, education and discourse and “Looking Back To Look Forward” (TTDS #6), as engagement tool to re-examine and re-evaluate textile systems, structures, values and observations that were once in place. These are just two of the TED strategies that we are engaged in!

Ours is an open source activity and you may join us directly by becoming an associate member (associate membership opens October 2011) or participating for free through Facebook’s Comment and Share and the blog’s Comments feature below each post.

This call for assistants and researchers is to further your work – practical and or written – and its direction within ‘slow’, social textiles and or the Slow Textiles Group platform.

On October 15th from 14:00 to 16:45 in person (see Contact Us for London location) or via webinar:

 A FREE Meeting for Future Researchers and Assistants of the Slow Textiles Group!

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