Slow/Fast Experiments



Pastel and digital prints animated, 
Emma Neuberg, 2011.

Experiment 1: Slow Hues,
Pastel and digital print animated, 
Emma Neuberg, 2011.

Over the next few weeks, we are experimenting at the juncture where slow, traditional, hand processes meet fast digitised ones to stimulate dialogue on surface pattern and new hybrid forms. 

The aim, loosely, is to combine old with new, tradition with technology, in ways that offer new creative textile possibilities and textured digital forms.

Experiment 2: Slow Lace Hues,
Pastel and digital print animated, Emma Neuberg, 2011.

To see more examples of Emma’s digital sketchbook go to

One thought on “Slow/Fast Experiments

  1. This is so inspiring. I'd love to read more about the process. The prints look so alive. I love the twirling girl too – a sculptor friend of mine did an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (UK) about ten years ago where she did motion pieces like this. Just fabulous 🙂 K

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