We are currently developing projects in London and throughout the UK to set up Slow Textiles hubs of activity and support communities as they grow their Slow Textiles enterprises in many different forms.

If you are a designer, farmer, weaver, spinner, dyer, printer, agriculturalist, community gardener, activist, health worker, group therapist, botanist, backer, entrepreneur, researcher, journalist, blogger, business person, etc and are interested to participate, please leave a message below. Thank you.

48 thoughts on “PROJECTS – get involved

  1. I am interested to get involved in your project. It sounds really interesting, please let me know how I can participate.

  2. I am extremely interested with your work Emma, there are not enough projects like this around, the creative arts are such an influential industy to promote this issues you have raised. I would love to help, (as i am working on creating a magazine focusing on these aspects) please keep me informed on how to project is going, and what i can do to help!

  3. I would love to hear more, sounds well interesting. I am a Textiles teacher and love an opportunity to practise my own work. Keep me posted PLEASE!

    1. Hi Emma
      I saw your presentation @ Material Actions seminar in Plymouth yesterday it was very interesting, and a very thought provoking day. My practice works with a dialogue of process and materials. My current project is the traces of my being in a search for stillness. I record sound and stitch without thread into fine paper, creating listening drawings. I would love to be involved in this project, please keep me updated. Thanks Sarah

  4. I’m in my 3rd year of an Applied Arts degree (textiles) and this sounds really interesting.
    Please keep me informed 🙂

  5. Everything sounds very interesting. I’m a designer and I’m so interested in recicled materials. I use a lots of in my fashion creations.
    I’m looking forward to participating , so please let me know how I can. Many, many thanks, Nara

  6. This sounds great, I’m currently studying BA Textiles at Chelsea and in the process of writing my dissertation which is all about slow textiles. I am very interested in this, please keep me informed, Daniela

  7. Creativity has always been my passion and desiging creates the balance I need in life.
    I just moved into East London, and I would be very exited to participate in your project.

    Best regards

  8. I am a textile designer and currently pursuing my MA in Textile Futures. I live in East London. Kindly keep me posted about the workshops and events. I want to base my thesis project on recycling textiles. Please let me know.

  9. It is quite inspiring to find a few like you putting together this kinds of events to checkmate the rush for unethicalfashion in the contemporary mad world. Iam keenly interested in the project. Pleasealways keepme informed of the developments.


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