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120 pages of geometric textile designs by contemporary British and European artists and designers.  With essays by Katherine May (UK), Marianna Franzosi (Italy) and Alexandra Gerstein (UK/France), among others, this book is research and practice as well as inspiration. The full-colour, A5 120pp book is fully-illustrated with images from textile designers and artists with texts by curators Daisy McMullan and Emma Neuberg. The anthological format is designed to describe a narrative of geometrics in art and design that goes beyond fashion and tells a timeless design story.  The underlying theme of sustainable development for materials practice promotes and makes public the Slow Textiles Group’s exclusive research into Timeless Aesthetics in Textiles ®.

The Geometrics: Volume 2 (First Edition), e-book, published by the Slow Textiles Group, London (UK), 2014:

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