It’s National Gardening Week in the UK and We Have Some Ideas to Get You Working for a Greener Planet Wherever You Are!!

The Royal Horticultural Society has just launched the UK’s biggest environmental campaign, Britain in Bloom 2012, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

To start it off, the first ever Royal Horticultural Society’s National Gardening Week (that’s this week!) has been giving away thousands of wildflower seeds for everyone to sow to help replenish some of the 97% of wildflower meadows lost in the UK since 1930.

The RHS want YOU to plant as many wildflowers as possible and are offering a discount on packets of corn marigold, corn poppy and cornflower, among many other seeds, here. We think you can take inspiration from the UK and do this wherever you are!

Once sown, you can watch your wildflowers bloom and translate your meadow into a pattern to make your own top dedicated to Britain in Bloom!

The wonderful People’s Print show you how!

There are free information packs available that tell you all about the Buglife that your wildflowers will encourage and, as you know, agriculture and human survival depends upon healthy buglife!

We’re going to make a Bumble Bee and Lavender top next week!

Get inspiration from Melanie Bowles’ wonderful Mary’s Blouse here and sign up to make your own with her next month here!

If you’re in London, you can join the Mad About Meadows groups too here.

We hope that’s enough inspiration to get you started!

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