Slow Textiles Group joins Maison Martin Margiela dialogue!!

Cubo Futurist painting by Hatice to start her design process.
Initial interpretations of the brief by Hatice and Emma.
Maison Martin Margiela, in true conceptual fashion style, made an open source offering several years back, to take up an unfinished dress pattern and create a new vision with it.
Here was MMM’s challenge:
“Rather than merely allowing the downloading public a chance to recreate the garment, Margiela wished to offer an opportunity to engage them in a two-way exchange, a dialogue of mutation and innovation with the esteemed design house. The simple shift dress pattern, without sleeves and with no hemming, is the basis to make a design of your own conception – by augmentation and addition. As if joining the actual designers at the key stage in the making of a garment, this is your raw material to shape into the new.”

The Slow Textiles Group have entered the dialogue! Members have just started a project that brings the MMM garment together with a Cubo-Futurist aesthetic. Inspired by the work of Baranov-Rossine, Alexander Bogomazov, Aleksandra Ekster and Lyubov Popova, the December 2011 workshop aims to introduce the layers of innovation, mutation and augmentation that Margiela decribes!

“At the vanguard of avant-garde designers, Martin Margiela and his eponymous Maison are masters of reworking existing clothes, fabrics and objects to create new garments and accessories!”

How nice it is to share passions and concerns!

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