Create a Cubo-Futurism Print on an Alexander McQueen Garment!!

Learn to generate digital placement prints inspired by hand-painted Cubo-Futurism for an amazing Alexander McQueen 
couture garment in The Slow Textiles Group’s gorgeous London studio!!


Taking place on December 3rd 2011 at 2pm, 
this is a pioneering workshop in slow processes married with fast to create a new, bespoke aesthetic – that you then make and wear! Anyone can do it – it’s easy with stunning results!!

Scroll to Page 12 for details in our 
Workshops 2011 Pdf booklet here:

“An Introduction to Cubo-Futurism: Learn to Create Placement Prints for Dynamic and Timeless Fashion Textiles”!!!!

Equipped with new skills, you’ll be able to transfer your new knowledge to any Placement Print dress-making project!!

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