Death by Textiles

Garment factories, leather tanneries and dyeing units are all listed on this map of industrial poisoning in India.

The resultant health effects include cancer, asthma, lung damage, kidney damage, mental retardation, impotency  and birth defects.

In Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), at least one member of every family has bone deformities. As Paul John, Snehlata Shrivaastav, Balwant Garg, Vaivasvat Vankat, Saira Kurup, Faiz Rahman Siddiqui and Parakram Rautela write in their informative article ‘Are We Poisoning Ourselves?’ in The Times of India (9th January 2011), “the bone deformity is caused by the fluoride discharged by the tanneries clustered in the area. Many of the villagers find it difficult even to stand up straight…Dr A S Prasad says regular consumption of fluoride-contaminated water can affect both nerves and bones.”

For all full version of the article go to TOI: Are we poisoning ourselves: January 09, 2011 | Cancer | Newspaper Articles |

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