One thought on “International Symposium on Natural Dyes, 2011

  1. >> We are keen interested to attend upcoming events.It is my great
    >> pleasure to express the profound thanks to you for your efforts. We send
    >> you brief information.Nepal government has decided to celebrate 2011 A.D
    >> a
    >> tourism year, which is very positive indication of development. It has
    >> targeted to bring more than one million tourists from allover the world
    >> into Nepal.From 8th National plan, our country has focused on poverty
    >> reduction of journalists but still we are in the vicious circle of
    >> poverty. So economic development through tourism sounds good and plays
    >> important role in infrastructure development. So we request for your
    >> excellent
    >> cooperation between us and hope that bilateral relations will grow
    >> further
    >> in future.We would like to send you brief information about National
    >> Press
    >> Its poverty reduction rate are (1) low per capital income
    >> (2)concentration
    >> on urban growth(3)high population growth rate.Out of 23 million
    >> population, 38% are in below the poverty line.Most of the poor people
    >> live
    >> in rural area and have little opportunity,who have no collateral, but
    >> willing to work and desire to do some activities through which he/she
    >> will
    >> require employment as well as income.Although many program mes have bee
    >> implemented for poverty alleviation in Nepal, only programmers are
    >> seen-as
    >> poor-targeted and rural based. We are keen interested to
    >> attend your upcoming program me,what to do for registration please send
    >> us
    >> details through by post as soon as possible. NPCN believes in peace,
    >> progress, democracy always works environment awareness dedicated to
    >> elevating the standard of the fourth estate of the country and has
    >> contribution well informed to people. NPCN fulfill the following aims
    >> -to exchange the ideals of journalism.
    >> -to exchange views with journalists science & technology.
    >> -to work for peace, disarmament environmental and sport for orphan .
    >> -believe in democracy.always works to protect occupational rights
    >> NPCN celebrating its Silver jubilee at Lalit Party Venue Mr.Nara
    >> Bahadur
    >> Karmacharya ( FounderLeader of Nepal Communist former vice-prime mister
    >> and
    >> leader NCP-UML)and Party -NCP)opening Silver jubilee ceremony.Mr.Bam Dev
    >> Gautam(H.E.Jang Young Chol (ambassadorD.P.R.Korea)Mr.C.P.Mainali(general
    >> secretary-NCP-Male)highlighted to present situation of the
    >> country.General
    >> meeting also reelected eleven members executive committee of NPCN
    >> Mr.Ramkrishna Karmacharya as the Chairman.Please send us details by post
    >> as soon as possible.
    >> highest consideration.
    >> With best regards.
    >> Yours
    >> Rara Shrestha
    >> Secretary,
    >> National Press Club,Nepal
    >> P.O.Box 4657 Kathmandu.
    >> Website: www.

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