1. Moderator Services

We deliver clear and incisive moderator services for all your sustainable design projects and broadcasts so that your event becomes the most important cultural reference of its kind.

2. Sustainable Textiles Practice

We provide sustainable textile design training and hands-on projects on diverse themes relating to practice, execution and delivery in order to fulfill all your sustainable textiles needs.

3. Activism Craft Practice

We provide visibility and meaning with eye-catching craft projects to give workshop participants a powerful voice for activism, activist communications and empowerment…making future campaigns and legacies shine!

4. Well-being Craft Practice

We provide bespoke, feel-good craft projects that focus on engagement and relaxation to aid conversation and connectivity; choose from same-day creative outcomes to course-based projects.

5. Business Training

We provide business training and sustainable design tools for every stage of a company’s life so that staff and stakeholders are fully aware, ready and empowered to fulfill their sustainability roles, thinking and trajectories.

6. Social Craft Practice

We’re expert at providing sensational, fun craft projects for brands, institutions, retailers and museums to make Public Engagement events fantastic success stories!

7. Sustainable Design Thinking & Systems Design Events & Courses

We provide dynamic and perspicacious Sustainable Design Thinking lectures, seminars and workshops to institutions, corporations and brands to educate and inspire – available for every stage of learning and development.

8. Publications

We create imaginative and inspirational books, articles and exhibitions on a wide range of sustainable design subjects to enhance and edify context, campaigns and projects.

9. Health Craft Practice

We provide craft projects for therapeutic groups to engage individuals, colleagues and carers to improve health, well-being, connectivity and community.

10. Content

We generate informed, insightful content on sustainable design and its systems for brands, publications and campaigns to help ideas communicate, resonate and shine.

11. Sustainable Fashion Practice

We provide hands-on tasks and training on diverse themes of sustainable fashion design, practice, execution and delivery to keep sustainable fashion stories alive, relevant and meaningful.

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